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Gian Marco Palazio

Congratulations!! You have made an important decision in your life that will lead you to important changes to improve your results and quality of life. I am very excited to start the process with you and I am confident that we will work in an intense, fun and growing way. I promise to be frank and to demand the commitments made by you. Time to shape the new YOU!




1. The relationship you have with your coach is a partnership. Your coach is an excellent professional, whose sole objective is that you are empowered to achieve the results you want. In order to achieve the results you deserve, you must do your part to follow through on the commitments you make. These commitments include showing up for every scheduled training session and completing any action items you have committed between sessions.

2. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. Like a doctor or dentist, if you reschedule more than 24 hours in advance, everything proceeds as normal. If you need to change the date less than 24 hours in advance, or worse, completely miss a call / visit, the appointment is considered a full session and will be counted towards your training plan.
3. Under our agreement, your training sessions are up to 60 minutes in length unless otherwise agreed upon. To use your training to the fullest, make sure you are present at the agreed location on time. If you call at the end of your appointment, the session will conclude at the original termination time and will count as a completed session to your plan.

4. When making a coaching call, make sure you are doing it from an environment where you will be able to fully concentrate and focus (without interruptions). It is also important that you have the necessary privacy (so you don't have to worry about anyone overhearing your conversation). It is imperative that you say what you have to say (that is, speak your truth).

5. Coaching is not therapy and you will not be doing any therapy as part of the training program. We define therapy as treatment and care from the past. Our focus in training is on obtaining results, both in the present and in the future.

6. Payments - Coaching is divided into the agreed upon payment structure between coach and client. The first payment is required at the time of hiring the service and reflects the beginning of a new engagement. Full payment of each subscription is required to follow the sessions. Partial payments of the agreed amounts are not accepted.

7. Guarantee - If after the third session you are not satisfied with the coaching process due to the lack of value provided by the coach or a conflict of interest, you can cancel it and receive 80% of the monies paid.

8. Confidentiality - The relationship between the coach and the client is strictly confidential. It is expected in order to maximize time and process, the client opens up to the coach to communicate their challenges, fears, doubts and dreams. In the event that the coach is hired by the executive's employer, the coach reserves the right to inform the employer in the event that information about imminent danger, negligence or crime is communicated. The coach reserves the right to disclose confidential information if required by law.

9. Frequency - It is important to establish a frequency of sessions to maintain a rhythm of communication and progress. The current proposal is specified in the attached email. 


Preparing for the first call

1. Complete submitted assessments and assignments. Some will be forwarded automatically where the coach will automatically receive a copy of the evaluation results as he completes them (you will receive a copy of them via e-mail as well). Be sure to review the results, as they will be useful tools throughout your training program. Those not generated automatically by a system must be sent to the coach by the executive at least 48 hours before each session.
2. Complete the Coaching Questionnaire. You will have to e-mail the completed questionnaire to your coach received in the e-mail contained in the welcome letter. You will also want to have a copy of your completed questionnaire with you for the first call.




Your coach is an involved businessman, father, husband and citizen with high ethical values and who maintains a high standard in society. He has studied and practiced personal development for over 20 years. He has invested heavily in living experiences, being exposed to mentors and professionals with great knowledge, wisdom and practicality. He is a member of international networks of entrepreneurs that help him learn and share more experiences every day. The practices, suggestions and even 'recipes' that can be presented by your coach are issued from a position of his own experience and what has worked for him. The coach's duty in this process is to listen, question, expose large amounts of information and lead the executive to self-reflect and test new strategies and beliefs in his life. The executive fully absolves the coach of any legal responsibility, whether in civil or criminal, moral or financial matters in any eventuality; including any damage, loss from results, or lack of, direct or indirect; physical, mental, emotional or material that may be caused by decisions and actions taken by the executive as a result of ideas, conversations or suggestions generated in the sessions or materials provided by the coach. The executive understands and admits that he enters the relationship of his own free will and wants to make positive changes in his own life.


I,                                                       , accept the terms and rules described here to ensure that the process is a maximization of my investment and time and of my coach as well. I will fulfill the commitments that I make with myself and with my coach. I am aware that the most important process is my own. This process is mostly to become aware of the obstacles that I myself create in my life and that I have all the power to replace them with beliefs that empower me to live the life I want.

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